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StarStruck Dance Festival

Save the date:  April 13 - 14, 2024!

Vermilion, Alberta




We are an invitational festival and our goal is to promote and encourage a love of dance

 in all dancers no matter their age or level.

We strongly believe that dance is for everyone and are excited to share our passion of dance with all of you. 

We offer a fun-filled weekend with wonderful studios, fair adjudicators and a positive atmosphere 

for your dancers, parents and teachers!


     Our 2024 Promise to you and your studio:

     1.  Fair levels. Fair Adjudications.

     2. Small categories - We promise to keep our categories small so each dancer has their moment to shine!

     3. Twinkle Star categories – 5 years & under - Our Twinkle Star category is geared to dancers 5 years & under.

               Each dancer will receive a StarStruck medal and a special award will also be given to each Twinkle Star entry.

     4. Lots of awards in each category! Each category will be full of special awards for your dancers!

     5. StarStruck Dance-Off! 

     6. Choreographer of the day - In addition to our dance-off, a CHOREOGRAPHER of the day will be chosen by our adjudicator's

           and awarded a special award. ***This award is not limited to dance-off groups!

     7. STARGAZER AWARDS! At the completion of the festival, the top SOLO & top DUET marks will receive a special STARGAZER award.

     8. Teacher Room - Our teacher room will be full of snacks/meals and treats all weekend!


         * Subject to change prior to registration opening.

         * Starlite Dance Productions will be following all Venue and AHS rules and guidelines in relation to COVID-19.


"We look forward to sharing our love & passion of dance with you.

It is our goal for you to have a great weekend with us

in a positive and happy environment!"

~ Twyla Robinson & Richelle Boivin

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